Types of Witches: Which One Are You?

types of witches

Are you a witch?

No, not the caricature kind that is green, flies on a broomstick, or casts spells in order to make people’s lives miserable. We’re talking about witches of the modern age. There are many types of witches, and each one has their own unique set of skills and abilities.

So, which one are you? In this post, we will discuss ten different types of witches and what sets them apart from each other.


The Traditional Witch

The traditional witch is the most well-known type of witch, and they are often associated with Halloween. They are known for casting spells, brewing potions, and using their powers to hex others. However, the traditional witch doesn’t have to be evil or mean-spirited. They can also use their powers for good, such as helping people find love or achieve success in their careers.


The Kitchen Witch

As the name suggests, the kitchen witch is someone who uses their witchcraft skills in the kitchen. They are experts at cooking up delicious magical concoctions, and many of them believe that food has spiritual properties that can be used to heal or bless people. The kitchen witch is a great resource for anyone who needs guidance with their diet or nutrition plan!


The Green Witch

The green witch is someone who uses plants and herbs as part of their practice. They believe that nature has healing properties, and they often use these types of plants in spells or rituals. In addition to being a healer, the green witch can also be an environmentalist or conservationist. Their goal is not only to protect our planet but also make sure it stays beautiful forever.



A hedgewitch is similar to a traditional witch because both types use magic for healing purposes, but there are some differences between them too! The hedgewitch tends more towards white magic than black; however this doesn’t mean they’re angels – just less likely to curse people than other types of witches. Hedgewitches are usually very well-read and have many books on their shelves about different types of healing techniques from around the world. They may also know how to read tarot cards or use crystals for divination purposes.


The White Witch

The white witch is someone who uses magic for good, such as helping people with medical issues or even just making them feel better in general! You could think of it like a healer but without any religious affiliations attached to it – although some do practice this way because they believe that all religions should work together instead of against each other (which makes sense when you consider what happens when one religion thinks another one isn’t real). A white witch might not have the same skills as, say, a green witch, but they can still be very powerful in their own right.


The Black Witch

The black witch is the complete opposite of the white witch – they use magic for evil purposes. This could involve anything from cursing people to causing accidents or even killing someone. Some black witches do this out of revenge, while others may simply enjoy seeing people suffer. However, it’s important to note that not all black witches are bad; some of them use their powers for good too (just like how not all white witches are good).


The Cosmic Witch

The cosmic witch is one of the most powerful types of witch, and they often have a deep connection to the universe and otherworldly beings. There are sub-types within this type of witch, which include: the Lunar Witch; the Solar Witch, and the Stellar Witch. They may be able to do things like astral projection or even move objects with their minds! Their magic is often very unpredictable, and they can use it for just about anything.


The Elemental Witch

The elemental witch is someone who connects with the elements – earth, air, fire, water – in order to perform magic. They believe that these elements are sacred, and by working together with them they can create powerful spells. Many elemental witches also practice shamanism or Wicca, which gives them an even deeper understanding of how to work with the elements.


Sea Witch

The sea witch is someone who connects with the ocean and its creatures to perform magic. They often use spells related to water, such as controlling the weather or summoning sea monsters. Some sea witches are also able to transform into different types of animals, such as fish or dolphins.


The Eclectic Witch

The eclectic witch is someone who doesn’t follow any one specific path when it comes to witchcraft. Instead, they borrow bits and pieces from all different types of traditions in order to create their own unique practice. This could involve anything from using crystals for divination to calling on angels for help. Eclectic witches are some of the most creative people out there, and their magic can be extremely powerful because of it!


So, did you figure out what kind of witch you are?

This is in no way an extensive list. There are many more kinds of witches in the world, each with their own set of talents and abilities. Also, explanations differ from source to source. It’s critical to remember that these are just labels and have no bearing on the multidimensionality of your soul!

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of witches, there are many different resources on the internet or you can watch the video below from The Green Witch’s channel!

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